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Hear Better with Our Help

We offer hearing aids to the Georgetown community

Let Us Help You Hear Better

North Halton Better Hearing Centre is a hearing clinic located in downtown Georgetown.

North Halton Better Hearing Centre is committed to helping people hear better by providing exceptional client care and an approach personalized to each and every client. Hearing loss causes a very subtle change over time, so subtle that many don’t realize the little things that are missing from their lives because of their hearing loss.

Our staff will discuss with you the areas where you are having difficulty hearing – be that an environment with noise in the background, listening to the TV at a level others find comfortable, or even speaking with loved ones in a quiet environment.

Hearing tests are non-invasive and painless, taking about 20 minutes to complete. After your hearing test is completed, we will discuss your results and advise if your hearing falls within normal or abnormal ranges. If required, we will then make recommendations for suitable hearing solutions, such as hearing aids that can be customized to your specific hearing needs.

The sooner you become aware that you may have a hearing loss, the sooner you can have a thorough hearing evaluation and begin to benefit from the appropriate treatment. When people finally try hearing aids, they are usually amazed to discover how much they have been missing!

Your Hearing Is Important to Us

Our hearing centre offers hearing testing, battery sales, and more

Quality Brands Offered

We carry premium brands such as Sivantos, Phonak, and Oticon

Knowledge Sharing

Our resources provide more information on understanding hearing loss

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