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Hearing Products from North Halton Better Hearing Centre

At North Halton Better Hearing Centre, we believe hearing well adds to your quality of life.

We provide hearing testing, hearing aids, custom molds, and hearing aid batteries. Using our expertise, we will help you find the best solution to solve your hearing concerns.

We have solutions for a variety of hearing related issues. Hearing loss can be helped using heaaids. For those people who have Misophonia and are very sensitive to sounds, even particular sounds, we have noise generator hearing aids which provide relief.

Do you hear ringing or buzzing? There are solutions for your tinnitus problems. We can help.

Noise protection solutions are also available. Custom ear plugs are available for noise protection at work. Musician earplugs in a variety of attenuation are available.

Swim plugs and sleep plugs are also available.


Sonic Innovations
GN Resound

Hear Better with Our Help

We offer hearing aids to the Georgetown community

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