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About North Halton Better Hearing Centre

Locally owned and operated by long time Georgetown resident Susan Baker, North Halton Better Hearing Centre opened on March 1, 2016. Susan is a Registered Hearing Instrument Specialist and loves helping her clients understand how hearing aids can help them live fuller, better lives.

North Halton Better Hearing Centre is committed to helping people hear better by providing exceptional client care and an approach personalized to each and every client. Susan will discuss with you the areas where you are having difficulty hearing – be that an environment with noise in the background, listening to the TV at a level others find comfortable, or even speaking with loved ones in a quiet environment.

Susan wears hearing aids herself and understands some of the difficulties people are faced with when using hearing aids for the first time. Her experience as a hearing aid user will benefit you and increase your success in adjusting to your hearing aids.

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